To the students:

  1. 1Register on our website.
  2. 2Compile your resume in English, your dates of availability for work, upload your colored photo, video, your job offer form.
  3. 3Transfer $300 into your account in the system using PayPal (Visa/MasterCard), WebMoney.
  4. 4Select a job id that you like and apply for it.
  5. 51-2 weeks later you get your job offer, along with additional information on your employer.
  6. 6Sign the job offer and send it back to us. Keep in touch with your employer. Prepare for the trip, get a visa etc.

To the agencies:

  1. 1Register on our website.
  2. 2Compile your participants' resumes in English, their dates of availability for work, upload their colored photos, videos, job offer forms.
  3. 3Transfer money into your account in the system using Bank Wire, Webmoney or PayPal (Visa/MasterCard). $200 for one job offer.
  4. 4Apply for job ids that your students like.
  5. 5On average after 1-2 weeks you get the job offers for your participants.
  6. 6Send us back the job offers signed by the participants. Keep in touch with us. Prepare your students for the trip etc.
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Summer job at a hotel in Pinedale, WY on the positions of housekeeper. Salary is $10/hour, housing is $250/month but can be refunded, experience is not required. Must have excellent English speaking skills. Apply on Job id 2388.
Summer job on the position of a sales associate in a gift shop located in Deadwood, South Dakota. Salary is $10/hour, housing is $90/week. English proficiency is required. Apply on Job id 5026.
Summer job in a restaurant located in Burnsville, North Carolina. Two male students are needed on the positions kitchen help/dishwasher. Salary is $9/hour, housing is $300/month. Apply on job id 2396.
Летняя работа на ранчо в городе Scenic, Южная Дакота. Требуется студентка на позицию хаускипер за $9/час. Жилье бесплатное! Подаем заявки на вакансию 1739.
Summer job on a ranch located in Scenic, SD. A female student needed on the housekeeping position for $9/hour. Housing is free! Apply on job id 1739.
Summer job in a restaurant located in Scarborough, ME. Students are needed for kitchen help and dishwasher positions. Salary is $14/hour, no housing. Apply on job id 4821.
Resort located in Sierra City, California is looking for 2 male students to work as wait staff, kitchen help, dock maintenance, desk reception. English proficiency required. Salary: $15-$17/hour plus tips and housing is provided for free. Apply for Job id 5018
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J1 job offers for the participants of the Work and Travel USA program from Albania (Tirana), Armenia (Erevan), Azerbaijan (Baku), Bulgaria (Plovdiv), Croatia (Zagreb), Czech Republic (Praha), Ecuador (Quito), Ghana (Accra, Kumasi), India (Bangalore, Delhi), Jamaica (Kingston), Jordan (Amman), Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek), Macedonia (Skopje), Moldova (Chisinau), Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar), Philippines (Manila), Peru (Lima), Romania (Timisoara), Serbia (Belgrad), Singapore, Slovakia (Bratislava), South Africa, Tajikistan (Dushanbe), Taiwan (Taipei), Thailand (Bangkok), Turkey (Ankara), Uzbekistan (Tashkent).