To the agencies

It is necessary to observe the following simple rules, submitting the application for execution of job offers for your students even at the primary stage to prevent possible misunderstandings afterwards.

Filling of the application:

  1. Fill the students’ resumes following the example; try to avoid double spaces, repeated tabulations, inaccurate formatting, misspellings etc.
  2. By all means don’t leave the box ‘Work Experience’ empty; be sure to type in existing work experience in the services sector, such as: chambermaid in the hotel, fast-food kitchen working, waiter in the restaurant work experiences, etc. Specify the day duties of one or another position. This is the main section of the entire resumes, and the employer is primarily interested in it. That’s why you have to take its filling most seriously.
  3. Before uploading the photo on the website, make sure that it is cut in a proper way and it doesn’t contain anything unnecessary, like a large white area to the right and/or at the bottom of the student’s image and so on. The maximum size of the photo is 500 kb. Please, check out the sample photo.
  4. The dates of the beginning and the end of working of the nominee must display exactly real frames of working, not including the period which the student has decided to leave for travelling.
  5. If the application is being submitted for the group of inseparable friends for one and the same employer, you must be sure to group such students before submitting the application. This can be done via group operation ‘group/ungroup’.
  6. Please, specify which program sponsor's form of job offer must be used. If you haven’t found your sponsor in the offered list or if you have got a newer version of the form, than the one displayed in the section ‘Job offer forms’, please send us the form you have, and we will add it to the website.
  7. We strongly urge you to discuss all job offer details with the students, such as dwelling, remuneration, working conditions, kind of work, etc. If the student hasn’t taken all decisions yet, then please wait until the moment when the participant takes the final decision and then submit the application.
  8. If you submitted the application for a job offer, you have to wait for the official reply of the employer for the nominee’s candidacy. There must be no blowing hot and cold before the reply of the employer.
  9. If an error or inexactitude has been committed during the submission of the application, immediately contact the coordinator and describe the kernel of the problem. You can do it using ‘Feedback’, where you have to pick up the corresponding job id of the vacancy.
  10. It will not be possible to cancel the accepted application during 7 days after the moment of its submission, but it doesn’t mean that every application will be processing exactly for 7 days. Both less or more time may be needed – it all depends on the employer. On the average 2 weeks are needed for execution of job offer. The student is usually placed in a job after the 2nd or the 3rd attempt. If the employer gives negative answer earlier, we will return your application and the student will be able to apply for another vacancy.
  11. Please, maintain the constant contact and control of the situation.

Simultaneous applying for several positions

How to apply:
  1. At Current orders section: tick off student’s resume.
  2. Copy a resume by pressing the button Copy selected resumes. You can find this button at the bottom, under the table for current positions.
  3. After that every received copy of resume should be send to separate positions.

Recommendations and additional information

Attention! Applying student's resume for 2 and more positions simultaneously, you must accept the job offer that arrives first among the selected positions.

You must cancel all current applications for other position as soon as you got the first job offer. In order to do that, please email all appropriate coordinators.

In case after you get the first job offer and before you cancel all applications for other positions, arrives another job offer from the different employer, you will have to pay for that (second) job offer too.

Tip: In order to find all student's resumes in Current orders section, it is possible to use so called search function on the page which is present in all browsers. In order to do that use the CTRL + F keyboard shortcut and type students name or email into the Find Bar. You can also sort out students' applications by name or email address by clicking on column caption.

To avoid confusion please cancel copies of student’s resume after receiving the first job offer.

Tracking the situation with the applications:

  1. After we get the application from you, the coordinator responsible for your order will contact you.
  2. Our coordinator will inform you via the website or e-mail that your application has been accepted and is in the pipeline, or he will ask you the questions, obtaining missing information and then he will start implementing the order, or he will return your application back.
  3. Further tracking of the situation within the certain application will be the easiest to fulfill reading the commentaries of the coordinator in the box ‘Comments’ of the section ‘Current applications’, and also contacting the responsible coordinator in the ‘Feedback’ section, selecting the corresponding job id of the vacancy and sending him a request.
  4. All new applications must be submitted through the website even if you know who the responsible coordinator for fulfillment of the applications within the selected vacancy is.
  5. If you forgot or don’t know the names of our staff who are engaged in this or that application, feel free to write a message using ‘Feedback’, specifying the relevant job id and listing the students’ names who have applied for this vacancy. This will help us to process your requests more precise and faster.

Free search

Free search - is a job placement with the use of the student’s desires concerning the future place of work. These desires are mentioned in the student’s resume. The students’ resumes thereat are placed in the free access directory. The employers and the coordinators are offering their vacancies to the candidates.

In order to apply with the help of the free search option, it is necessary to do the following:
  1. To fill out Additional information in the student’s resume according to the recommendations provided below.
  2. To tick off the students which you want to apply for the free search option.
  3. To choose “free” option in the drop-down list.
  4. To press “save” button.

The desires of the student concerning his or her future job must be declared in the “Additional information” section of the resume in the following format.
The preferred place of work (in order of preference):
Company Type: Hotel, Restaurant, Amusement park, Concessions; any …
Positions: housekeeper, waiter, ride operator; any …
Salary: $ 7.50 or more per hour; any...
Housing: free; less than $120/week; none; not important; any…
Location: NY, NJ, ME, MD, FL, NH; any state on the east coast; Alaska; California; any…

What happens next to the application sent within “free” option:
  1. If the coordinator or the employer chooses the student with the “free” option activated as a candidate for a certain position, the current status of the application changes from “new” to “active” or “accept”, and the job id number appears next to the name of the student indicating the vacancy which the student is about to get. You are receiving the e-mail notification.
  2. If you believe that the vacancy description doesn’t meet the student’s requirements, you are able to refuse from this vacancy within 24 hours after the application status has been changed to “active” or “accept”. In order to refuse you need to contact the coordinator of this vacancy using the feedback or e-mail. If you don’t refuse within 24 hours, the coordinator takes your silence as consent with the offered vacancy, and the coordinator then starts working with this application and the employer.
  3. Further, the regular procedure takes place, i.e. the current status of the application and the commentaries are being refreshed incrementally as the job placement process moves forward. “Done” status appears in the case of the affirmative answer. Then the job offer is being uploaded on the web site and the application moves to the executed applications section.
  4. If the employer refuses to hire the student, the application gets “deny” status. The coordinator makes sure that the answer is final and places “return” status to it. Simultaneously the resume returns to the free search directory.
If a student is registered as a free, but at some point you want to submit a summary in one particular position, it can be done as follows:
  1. set the application in Draft status, using the operation Cancel,
  2. next step is to apply for specific vacancy in the usual way.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found in FAQ for agencies.