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Cosmetics Sales


Hawaii, HI

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Sales Help



after /day

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100/per week

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Type of Housing: Apartments Estimated students per room: 2, 4 students per apartment Will apartments be mixed gender? (Bedrooms required to be same gender): Possible Housing Address (if known): Varies, in Honolulu. Estimated Weekly Housing Cost: $100 (include utilities). Is a Housing/Program Deposit Required? Yes, $100. Housing Distance to Work: Varies (10 minutes at most) Transportation to Work: Car, students will be provided with a vehicle. See Vehicle Information below Are meals provided? No Are Cooking facilities available in the housing? Yes, housing is walking distance to supermarket Are basic supplies like linens/towels provided? No Other housing features that are offered: Microwave, telephone, television, internet access, laundry access, exercise facilities, kitchen supplies

Additional info:
Special Skills required for these positions: Strong English skills, outgoing, assertive personality. Must like to interact with customers and have the ability to be persuasive in a selling situation. Wage: $7.25\Hour, if more than 40 hours than overtime $10.88 or Commission (the higher of the two). Commissions structure: 0$-399$/Day - 20% 400$-999$/Day - 25% (on everything) 1000$-and up/Day - 30% (on everything) In case of not meeting the minimum wage by commission in one week – the difference will be paid by the company. The minimum wage and commissions will be calculated and compared once every week and will be paid every 1 weeks (the higher of the two). For example: Day 1 (11 h): 350$ in sales=70$ Day 2 (11 h): 800$ in sales=215$ Day 3 (11 h):700 in sales= 175$ Day 4 (7 h): 250$ in sales=50$ 4 days Total by commission: 510$ Minimum wage for 40 hours/week (without over time): 280$ (7.00 per hour). - In that case the employee will get pay total of 510$ only for these 4work days. (230$ Total more than weekly minimum wage) * Any money earned will be received after all deductions required by tax laws. BONUSES: employees will be encouraged to sale more by winning prizes and bonuses. Estimated Average Hours per Week: 48-70 – When students arrive they will receive 70 hours of training. Students will be trained during this time period. Training usually lasts 2 weeks. At the end of training your sales performance will be evaluated. Local Population: Tourists from all over the world. Distance to Major Cities: All job locations are in the city of Honolulu. Public Transportation: Available bus and taxi services Nearest Airport(s): Honolulu International Airport Nearest Bus/Train Station: Varies by location, all locations have nearby bus stations Are you able to meet students at the Airport, Bus Station or Train Station? Yes Things to do in your area: Locations all have a blend of cultural activities including beaches, visiting museums, theaters, cinema and shopping. All are within a short travel to outdoor activities. Average Temperature: 26 to 30 Celsius all year long – endless summer.

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