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Clothing store

Southern Shores

North Carolina, NC

Job title:
sales girl




Start date:
March 25 - April 2

End date:
at least June 30


Staff needed:
0 / female (Vacancy is closed)

Housing description:
Housing is located 3 miles away from the clothing store. You will have bicycles provided by the employer to get to work. We provide housing for employees: 4 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, local phone, electricity, water, a/c, washer, dryer, laundry room, fully furnished kitchen, etc. Up to 4 people per room. Beds are bunkbeds. Security deposit of $400 plus first month rent of $400 must be done at arrival per student. Three months rental lease per student is required. They will have a minimum of a three month lease which the first month will be paid upon arrival. The last 2 plus any extra weeks they stay will be deducted from their pay at the first of each month there after. House will be inspected on a weekly basis for cleaniness. $125 per hour will be charged divided by all housemates if cleaning has to be done by outside crew. No trash is allowed on the decks or outside on property. Trash bins must be pushed to the street on pick up day. Security deposit refunded if house is clean bike is returned and linens are returned and no damage to the house. Keys must be returned.

Additional info:
Mastered level English - no exceptions! The student should arrive to New York City and apply for SS# in NY! There is in fact SS office is in Elizabeth City but I would suggest the students to apply for their SS in NY when they arrive. Elizabeth City is 1.5 hrs each way from our location. Then the student will need to take a bus to Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Then to take a cab to Corolla, North Carolina. That is where the housing is located. Cab costs about $150.

Update 2014: Their English has to be superior. This year if they arrive with poor English I will send them back home the same day. We are creating an English test that they have to pass on their first day of arrival. This will determine if they can stay for the season. Please understand this is due to that some of the students last year lied about their level of English. I have no time for pre-interviews on skype. Also the students MUST be out going with a bubbly personality... NO INTROVERTS!!!

Dress code:
Employee must be clean and neat. No piercings on the face. No mid drift or buddocks showing.

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06.01.2009 (>15 years)




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