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Mobile Food Service

state of CT, NY, PA

New York, NY

Job title:
sandwich maker / cashier




Start date:
June 20

End date:
Sept 26


Staff needed:
0 / male (Vacancy is closed)

Housing description:
Most all Food is Provided. $25.00 - cleaning fee deposit given back at the end of season. We provide a dorm like room for them shared shower, washer and dryer facility Most of their food will be provided as we are open they can eat what ever they like. They will have grill,microwave and hot plate to make their meals.

Additional info:
Good English! It's a mobile food service (We are like a restaurant on wheels), we work and travel in some states along the Eastern coast, including Connecticut, Pennsylvania, the state of New York. The work in not in New York City. We are a traveling Food vendor we attend fairs and festivals in around the east coast. We need students that like to travel, speak English well and understand it. We need students that do not have problem with any meat products such as Beef, Pork, Chicken. We need students that are flexible in their duties and do not mind change. We would like to interview and email to the students that are interested in our business so we can find out if their English skills are what they seem. We may occasionally have them do cashier work which would mean speaking with the customers to take food orders from them. Some Food service experience is a plus but not necessary. Be able to work on their own with little supervision is a plus. Salary a month– 350.00 a work week 75.00 bonus for each work week bonus is given at end of season STUDENTS: Must like to travel Restaurant duties: Flexible Good with people and Good English . Must be able to follow directions Take orders Don’t mind cleaning Some light lifting involved Must have good hygiene that means coming to work neat and clean.

Dress code:
We furnish their shirts for work they will need to bring at least 4 pairs of shorts or pants no short shorts must be at decent length. No sports shorts made of Nylon. No holes in shorts or pants. Blue jeans are fine but none that are ready to be thrown away. We need to look good for the public

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11.10.2009 (>14 years)



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