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Job Id:


Chatham (Cape Cod)

Massachusetts, MA

Job title:
sandwich maker, cleaner, cafe worker




Start date:
May 15-25

End date:
Sept 3-15


Staff needed:
0 / female (Vacancy is closed)

Housing description:
We have several housing options with the mst expensive $125. It really worth it and it is very good, friendly, safe and amazing area to live at. Some of the students will live in the house I own, and the others near-by. We already hired 10 people and you will have a very good international company here.

Additional info:
1. Age must be 20-21 or more, because I need more mature, experienced and responsible people.

2. We need excellent English with no exception because we work fast and if someone has strong accent or does not understand English good enough - it's a disaster for our fast business.

3. You need to have similar work experience in the places where people deal with the customers and do their job fast. Fast food experience would be ideal.

4. Please check your availability dates. You have to be with us at least from May 25 till Sept 3 - this is very critical.

5. Our cafe is open 6am-3pm. All employees go home after 4pm when everything is cleaned and ready for the next day. Once a week you will have a shift 5am-noon, but you will always know your schedule in advance which gives you opportunities to find the second job for the evening time.

6. The job will include serving customers, making sandwiches and coffee, taking money from the clients, help in cleaning and help to close the cafe. Everyone is doing the same job including cleaning - please be ready. We work as a team and we have good atmosphere.

7. Cape Cod has lots of summer jobs and you will easily find second job (if needed) and especially because of our good and predictable schedule and your excellent English.

Dress code:
No piercing on the face except of ears. No visible tattoos.

Registered with us:
22.01.2015 (>6 years)



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Number 0 0
% female/male 0/0 0/0

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