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Pool Management


Virginia, VA

Job title:

$8/hour + $0.50/hour bonus



Start date:
May 15-20 (ideal)

End date:
Sept 8-14 (within these dates only)


Staff needed:
0 / male and female (Vacancy is closed)

Housing description:
Housing will cost $105/week. You will have to pay $200 security deposit and application fee ($100 is refundable) per student. 1-2-3 bedrooms appartment, fully furnished: bathroom, kitchen, refrigirator, sink, oven, stove, matresses, pillows, bed-linens, table, chairs, pans, bowls, silverware etc... We do not supply soap, shampoo, towels and other personal items.

Electricity, gas and water are included.

Laundry is available at small fee near the housing.

Internet is now available as well.

No smoking inside apartments.

Please note we charge for housing $105/monthly for the entire housing. If someone is leaving earlier we charge the rest of housing money for the whole season. Each student pays equally for the housing per season.

Already accepted by CCI, Wise and Geovisions sponsors in 2015!!!

Additional info:
We will ask ypu to make a short video from the swimming pool to make sure you can swim well enough! Please note we have several locations in Northern Virginia. All employees must complete and pass the Lifeguard and CPR training courses before they may start working. In some cases you may also be required to complete Pool Operator training course. The Lifeguard and CPR training courses are usually completed prior to coming to the USA. Please let us know if you plan to pass the exams in the USA but it is preferrable that you do it in your home country.

Other requirements:

  • Be willing and able to speak English proficiently;
  • Be professional, respectful and respond quickly in all situations;
  • Maintain cleanliness;
  • Obey all company rules (will be provided additionally after you are pre-accepted to this job).
We recommend that you arrive between May 15 and May 21, 2014, but in any case no later than June 15, 2014.

Dress code:
Co T-shirt. Co Swim Suit. Uniform is discounted to $25 if you arrive and start working before May 23, but if damaged you will have to buy new one for $75 (men) or $95 (ladies). Those who start after May 23 pay full price - $75 (men) or $95 (ladies)

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04.11.2013 (>7 years)




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