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Fast Food Restaurant


Texas, TX

Job title:
team member




Start date:
May / June

End date:
Sept / Oct


Staff needed:
0 / male and female (Vacancy is closed)

Housing description:
We have no housing to provide, but we will try to assist the students during the housing search. Unfortunately we can not guarantee anything though - it has to be the students' responsibility to find their own housing.

Additional info:
Individual needs to be flexible with their schedule. Energetic, outgoing, self motivated individual that enjoys responding quickly to the needs of our customers.

Team members act as an ambassador that represents our company to our customers.

The responsibilities that go with this job include the following duties:
  • Greeting customers, taking, assembling and presenting food orders, requesting and receiving payment, operating the cash register (Constant movement, frequent bending and stooping).
  • Cleaning in accordance to our company’s sanitary standards including but not limited to: sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning walls, tables, counters, kitchen and service equipment. Cleaning the customer service area, removing trash, cleaning restrooms and checking the parking lot. (Frequent bending and stooping) (Trash removal weight can be up to 25lbs.)
  • Assisting new crew members in learning their new job skills.
  • Cooking and preparing food for sale- (Standing and constant moving).
  • Deliveries; off-loading trucks, storage and movement of raw product to the work area (May lift up to 50lbs. with the assistance of a hand truck) (Frequent bending and stooping).
  • Checking stock of products and insuring proper stock levels and rotation. (Moving products from refrigerated areas or stockroom may lift up to 36lbs, product can be separated by units which will reduce weight, frequent bending and stooping, may use a ladder).
  • Checking equipment to ensure that it is in proper working order, letting the management team know if there might be a problem.
  • Backing up other crew members in their jobs, assist in any area to ensure that the food is being prepared, packaged and delivered to customer in a timely manner.
  • Crew members should be proficient in more than one area of responsibility and may not always work the same job function or schedule each day

    Dress code:
    Employer is looking for a pleasant individual that is neat in appearance, has a smile on their face, pleasant to talk to, provides excellent customer service and is willing to work hard. No visible tattoos and piercings allowed.

    Registered with us:
    19.04.2013 (>8 years)



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