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Topsail Beach

North Carolina, NC

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Start date:
May 15

End date:
Sept 15


Staff needed:
0 / female (Vacancy is closed)

Housing description:
We can provide housing for one or two students. Either separate adjoined bedrooms or two can share a bedroom and have a small living room. Private bathroom with bathtub, shower, sink, toilet. Full access to laundry room and kitchen. I live above the restaurant and have built in a two-room apartment and bathroom for staff. Shared kitchen and laundry/gym room. Free to use main living room as well (I get tv control when I am there, though). All bills paid and tv in bedroom. I only ask that student(s) help keep house clean and walk my dog when needed. Beach is less than 1/2 block from house/restaurant. Park, cafe', post office, general store, fishing pier, arcade, and other restaurants also less than a block away.

Additional info:
Job requirements- fluent or near-fluent in English, able to take direction, good hand-eye coordination. Position will be mainly working in kitchen doing simple prep, dishes, cleaning, and assembling sandwiches. I will also train you to work the counter out front- taking orders, making tea, running cash register, but mostly student will work in kitchen. I have need for one student willing to work 30-45 hours a week, or two working 20 hours a week. Can arrange a part time job at another restaurant for the student(s) if they wish more hours. Mainly need student to work from June 1-September 1. Hope to get 2 students, they could each work for me and at the restaurant across the street. They will have to share a living space, also. Could be good for a couple as well. Job was approved by Intrax/ 2019

Dress code:
T-shirt, shorts, tennis shoes, socks, Hat or hair tie.

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04.12.2018 (<1 year, new!)



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Number 0 2 2
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